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Nicole Yokubynas, B.Sc.

Position: 4th Year Undergraduate Thesis Student


Nicole recently completed her Hon B.Sc. in the Integrated Science program at McMaster University with a specialization in Biochemistry. She joined the Brown lab for her undergraduate thesis project in the Nutrient Synthesis group, investigating antimetabolite isolation from Streptomycetes bacteria. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys singing, gymnastics and camping.

Research Interest:

Under the supervision of Dr. Sebastian Gehrke, my project focuses on examining whether or not key nutrients (including vitamins, amino acids and nucleobases) are co-extracted along with desired target antimetabolites from Streptomycetes bacteria. We are interested in investigating if nutrient carryover is responsible for preventing the detection of certain antimetabolites using our current conventional screening protocols.


Dr. Sebastian Gehrke