Sara El Zahed, B.Sc. 

Position: Ph.D. Candidate


Sara completed her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Bio-organic concentration at McGill University. She then joined the chemical genomics group at the Brown lab to pursue her graduate degree. Outside the lab, Sara enjoys playing basketball, jogging, and reading a variety of books.


Research Interest: 

Under nutrient stress, E. coli requires an additional set of 119 genes to be able to cope and to survive. The 119 genes become essential under nutrient limitation as they encode enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of amino acids, nucleotides, and vitamins. My project aims to study the interactions between these metabolic biosynthetic pathways under nutrient limitation. Since genetic deletions of the 119 genes result in lethality under nutrient-limited conditions, I apply chemical-chemical combinations of probes and antibiotics to map out and to understand the interactions between these pathways.